What Do I Need?..

Shamed Silence

“better remain silent, better not even think, if your not prepared to act..” – Annie Besant

Maybe I should just take a hint, maybe learn this quote to heart..

I know what itt is like to want to reach out for someone’s hand when your having a bad day and all you feel is the cold breeze run right through your fingers as if some ghost of the world before you is the only one who is there..
Who understands a appreciates your moments of weakness and take them into consideration over what obscure opinion they may have..

Sometimes.. (like right this moment), when I’m alone with my thoughts and my insecurities all I want is for someone to prove me that all is right with the world and my world is not rapidly falling apart..

This isn’t some overly hormonal BS that everyone claims it is.. I’m a human being just like everyone else.. I have feelings, I get angry, I overreact.. I have expectations and I do get disappointed.. And I deal with it, I handle it on my own.. But sometimes, I just want someone to not disappoint me, to calm me down when I overreact, to squeeze me when I get angry and to exceed the slighest expectation I may have of them.

I may sound selfish, but I really need someone to really be there for me.. Instead of me feeling like I’m the last resort in their life..

Am I doing something wrong, sure feels like it.. I always do the wrong thing I guess..

As my first blog, I have a really heavy heart about my life right now.. Tomorrow may be a better day.. Who knows..